Whitetail Rack Ranch

  • Name: X-Factor
  • Breed: Whitetail
  • Sex: Buck
  • Born: 2007
  • Score: 509 6/8" @ 3 years old

On October 4, 2010 X-Factor became the first white-tailed deer to ever officially score over 500".  At his official score of 509 6/8" he became the new world record.  He is owned by Russ Bellar and Eddie Ray Borkholder.

X-Factor is not a fluke.  He has a deep pedigree of proven producers like Rolex, High Roller, Max, and Blue Mountain Bill.  He has no weak lines in his background.

We bred a number of our High Roller and Goliath does to X-Factor in 2010.  Our Lap AI veterinarians said X-Factor's semen was of unusually high quality.  They said the post-thaw quality was rare for whitetails.  He is already producing some fantastic yearlings.

Contact us to buy X-Factor semen.  I am the authorized agent selling X-Factor semen directly from the farm.  The semen is not what someone bought when he was younger and being resold on the internet.  This semen was professionally collected on the farm and has been stored at the collector's storage facility.  It has never moved or changed accounts.  This is semen direct from the farm at farm prices.  Get it before the price goes up.  It's definitely worth storing in your bank!