Gold Member

  • Species: Whitetail
  • Best Known For: Live Breeding, Semen, Breeder Bucks, Shooter Bucks, Bred Does, Open Does, Buck Fawns, Doe Fawns, Antlers & Velvet


  • TB Acredited: yes
  • Herd Size: 100+
  • Brucellosis Certified: yes
  • CWD Date: 2001

        Dale (Rusty) Karr is the owner of Dominant Genetics.

Our genetics are proven in the industry.  We have that big, wide, typical "look" that everyone is looking for. We are not all about the "HYPE" in todays industry we use what works and our deer can prove it. We like to tell everyone that our deer are innocent until proven guilty. By that we mean every buck or doe on our farm is a Power Doe or Super Sire until proven other wise!


Give us a call to put some DOMINANT GENETICS  in your herd!!