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  • Species: Whitetail
  • Best Known For: Semen, Shooter Bucks, Buck Fawns


  • Chetek, WI 54728
  • Website:
  • Owner: Ray & Marjorie Hanson
  • Phone: 715-651-7201
  • Alternate Phone: 715-859-2938
  • Email:
  • Fenced Acres: 31 acers
  • TB Acredited: yes
  • Herd Size: 125/150
  • Brucellosis Certified: yes
  • CWD Date: 2002

Sunset View whitetail farm was only started 5 years ago, although we have been in the deer business since 1987, under the name of Indianhead Whitetails Inc. This farm produces deer scent for the hunting  industry, and does not sell any deer off of the farm, that is why we started a new farm , Sunset View, for the purpose of raising typical breed deer for the hunting, and breeding industry.

We are currently using AI on about 20/25 does each year, and buck breeding about another 25. We are CWD monitored as of 2002, Tb accredited,and will be brucellosis certified in the Spring of 2011.

You can meet us at almost every state convention, and auction selling direct fed microbial (probiotics), under the name of Cervid Health Products. Please stop by and see us.