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  • Species: Whitetail
  • Best Known For: Breeder Bucks, Shooter Bucks, Buck Fawns, Doe Fawns


We are a premier Whitetail Deer breeding facility located in North-Central Texas. We offer a variety of products and services including champion-caliber semen, deer boarding facilities, bred does, open does, fawns, breeder bucks and "trophy bucks."


2008 was a great year and was everything that BVW expected!  2009 should even be better with the A.I. line up. We are proud to A.I. a lot of our powerful Texas does to TONTO who probably produced one of the top two year old buck pens in the Nation for 2008! His 2 year olds scored all the way up to 301" bc and had numerous bucks over 250" bc! If he is producing these kind of bucks, just think what his Doe offsprings will produce!!!!!   BVW expects some great Doe fawn offsprings from this coming years A.I. program!  See our Sire page for further details.

If you are in North-Central Texas, give us a call and come by!

We would like to thank Ron and Mary at Pierce Whitetail Farms for helping us get to where we are!