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  • Species: Whitetail
  • Best Known For: Breeder Bucks, Bred Does, Buck Fawns, Doe Fawns


  • Fenced Acres: 200
  • Herd Size: 100+

Sweetwater Plantation was established  in 2003 with the goal of developing one of Florida’s finest white-tailed deer herds with superior antler genetics. Today we are working toward this goal by enhancing our own whitetail breeder stock with genetics from proven breeders across the country.
In 2008, Sweetwater Plantation became a pioneer in the field of embryo transfer in white-tailed deer. Our 2009 fawn crop will have proven antler genetics on both sides of the pedigree, with dam sires in excess of 200 inches. These incredible deer will be born in Florida and acclimated to our local environmental conditions – raised by surrogate does that were born in Florida.
We encourage you to visit our new deer pens and deer handling facility, designed to enhance our ET and AI breeding success. We are located in the rolling hill country of Northern Liberty County, Florida (The “Mountains of Florida”). Our picturesque habitat diversity ranges from upland long-leaf pine ridges to steep ravines and riparian areas.
Let our staff help you improve your breeding operation or game preserve with an infusion of some of the best genetics available in Florida. Sweetwater Plantation has semen, breeder bucks, bred & open does, as well as buck & doe fawns available for purchase. Expand your whitetail genetic potential with the pedigrees available only at Sweetwater Plantation.