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Standing Stone Deer Farm is a small family operated deer farm, located in Central Pennsylvania. The deer were first used to produce deer urine which was sold to other lure makers.

In 1992 we started making our own brand of deer lure and sell it under the name of C. & N.'s Scents. See our web site wwwstandingstonedeerlure.com

Many years of trapping fur-bearers and the use of lures, has given us a unique knowledge of lure and how to use it. This knowledge has gone to the development of a very select and unique line of deer lures. (not 100% pure deer urine)

Our lure goes from the Early Curiosity, Early Whiz to Doe in Estrus, and Buck in Rut. Special lures, loaded with different gland extracts such as Tarsal Gland and Scrape Special, are produced for the experienced hunter.

Recently the PA Game Commission has put out misleading information about urine based lures. Our farm has been enrolled in a USDA (CWD) monitoring program since 2002. Our urine comes from a certified CWD free herd.

We bottle lure for two companies which sell these same lures under their private label.

We also sell a few deer. Some of these blood lines go back to RDM Goliath, Max and others.