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Welcome to the Broken Arrow Elk Ranch, located in beautifulNorth Idaho!  The ranch was founded in 2001; and after getting our first elk in 2005, the herd has grown to over 50 head in this beautiful sanctuary of natural habitat.  The Broken Arrow Elk are all naturally raised and bred: no hormones, antibiotics or artificial feed.  They are pasture and browse fed over half of the year, receiving mineral supplements year- round and high quality, high protein feed during winter months and when cows are nursing.

The Broken Arrow Elk Ranch’s founder, Ben Dorn, experienced his father being paralyzed at a young age.  During the remainder of his father’s 71 years, he didn’t know how to relive one of their favorite activities: Elk hunting.  The Broken Arrow Elk Ranch was founded two years after his father’s death as a tribute so that hunters of any physical ability or age could partake in the joy of an Elk hunt.  We have donated and sponsored hunts through Camp Patriot and Hunt of a Lifetime .  Every hunt purchased at Broken Arrow Elk Ranch will help us donate additional trophy bulls to wounded veterans or disabled children who dream of a trophy hunt.  Our hunting area measures 3/4 of a mile long by 1/2 a mile wide, with two professionally built tree stands, thick lodge pole timber, a canyon, a natural springs, bordering one of the most biologically diverse wetlands in the state of Idaho.  A four passenger ATV is available if desired.  Tours are welcome Sunday- Friday.  Challenging hunts average 4 hours and 100 yard shots.  We will assist you in processing your animal to be taken to the butcher of your choice after your hunt.   Trophy Bull Hunts begin at $5,000.00, Cow Hunts begin at $1,750.00.  Please contact Ben at Broken Arrow Elk Ranch, (208)265-0669 or for more information.

We also sell Gourmet Elk Meat by the pound, quarter, half, and whole animal.  We have bulk burger, pre-pressed burger patties, whole tenderloin, roasts, cube steak, biscuit bacon, and jerky.  These are USDA approved for sale in stores or restaurants.  Quarter, half, and whole animals may be cut and wrapped to your liking from the butcher of your choice for private consumption or through the local USDA butcher for resale.  Please contact Ben at Broken Arrow Elk Ranch, (208)265-0669 or for more information.